Mink, the 3D makeup printer

How To 3D Print Makeup From Any Home Computer

3D printing is one of the most discussed topics these days. While many companies are currently focusing on introducing 3D printers onto the market, some have already launched them. The majority of these 3D printers produce different stuff made of plastic, but a new 3D printer called Mink is doing something much different.

Grace Choi 3D makeup printer

Grace Choi

Grace Choi was at Harvard Business School when she decided to disrupt the beauty industry. She did a little research and realized that beauty brands create and then majorly mark up their products by mixing lots of colors.

“The makeup industry makes a whole lot of money on a whole lot of bull****,” Grace said at TechCrunch Disrupt this week. “They charge a huge premium on something that tech provides for free. That one thing is color.” The interesting thing to note here is that how Mink is able to do that; there is an explanation for this. Most makeup items originate from the same source and are then transformed into different substances. All top makeup brands in the world including big names like Chanel and Madonna, use the same substance as base materials of different products

By that, she means color printers are available to everyone, and the ink they have is the same as the ink that makeup companies use in their products. She says the ink is FDA-approved.

Mink, the 3D makeup printer

Choi created her own mini home 3D printer, Mink, that will retail for $300 and allow anyone to print makeup by ripping the color code off color photos on the internet. It hooks up to a computer, just like a normal printer. Mink allows the user to choose any color, either from the web, or from a photo taken in the real world, and then uses simple software to print that color into a blush, eye shadow, lip gloss or any other type of makeup the user wants.

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She demonstrated how it works, then brushed some of the freshly printed makeup onto her hand. She answered a lot of the tough questions about how she’ll move beyond powders to creamier products and team up with traditional printing companies in the video below.

Here’s how Mink, Choi’s makeup-printing machine, works.


the living rock

A Living Rock

Is that a rock with guts? This is a sea creature, scientifically called Pyura Chilensis. In order to survive, it sucks in water to feed on microorganisms, the only source and method for food. They reproduce by shooting out a cloud of sperm and eggs into the water to mate with itself. This creature literally looks like a rock, a living rock.



Unsold Cars Go to Die featured

This Is Where the World’s Unsold Cars Go to Die

In the passing years, the automotive industries has cleverly and deliberately hid the lack of demand from customer sales when it came to automotive vehicles. A term that can be used properly to describe what the automotive industries  is doing would be, “channel stuffing“. The automotive industries has been accused, rightfully, of an significantly high increase in inventory at dealer lots but not enough customer sales. Although dealer lots do endure customer sales, it may lead to flat or declining sales, ending in a decrease in demands. Here below is just one image, out of many, of a car cemetery lot full of unsold vehicles:

Unsold Cars Go to Die

Please visit this site for more photos and it’s description: Where the World’s Unsold Cars Go to Die.


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