• The Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Trying to Repay $50 million to Victims featured

    The Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Trying to Repay $50 million to Victims

    The US stockbroker convicted of fraud, Jordan Belfort, better known as “The Wolf of Wall Street”, is on his way to repaying those victims that came under his reign this year. Belfort, a widely successful motivational speaker, stated that he will be drawing in earnings from the 45-city speaking tour in the US in order to […]

  • A Beautifully Hand Crafted Wooden Volkswagen Beetle featured

    A Beautifully Hand Crafted Wooden Volkswagen Beetle

       Momir Bojic, a bosnian pensioner, put his free time to good use and made a beautiful wooden Volkswagen Beetle. The entire frame of the car and interior are sheathed with 50,000 hand cut wood pieces. A process in which took Bojic more than two years to finish. Even the steering wheel, gearstick, hubcaps, radio, […]

  • Prematurely Delivered Baby Clinically Pronounced dead was Revived by Mother's Touch

    Prematurely Delivered Baby Clinically Pronounced Dead was Revived by Mother’s Touch

    The photos may seem blurry and out of focus, but this miracle is beyond beautiful. After being told her newborn son was dead, mother Kate Ogg was able to cuddle and caress her baby’s limp body back to life, astonishing doctors. Kate Ogg delivered twins prematurely, and her baby boy, Jamie, didn’t survive the arduous birth. […]

  • JayZ & Solange Knowles Fight

    Jay Z & Solange Knowles Fight: Jay Z’s 100th Problem

    Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. TMZ was the first media outlet to obtain the surveillance video, which got posted on their website Monday. The person behind the leaked surveillance video is now infamous, unnamed, the employee at The Standard Hotel received $250,000 from TMZ. The former employee is now facing legal actions, but the money […]

  • Mimus Death Star Pac Man

    Saturn’s Death Star Moon, The Mimas

    An orbiting satellite(moon) of Saturn, almost similar to the surface area of Spain, has many distinct and astonishing features. With a giant crater covering a significant fraction of its surface, Saturn’s gray moon Mimas resembles a real-life Death Star from the “Star Wars” movies. Along with its Pac-Man-shaped thermal imaging, the icy satellite provides some […]

  • A Single Drop of Seawater, Magnified 25 Times

    A Single Drop of Seawater, Magnified 25 Times

    You know when you’re horsing around at the beach and accidentally swallow a nasty gulp of salt water? Well I hate to break it to you but that foul taste wasn’t just salt. Photographer David Littschwager captured this amazing shot of a single drop of seawater magnified 25 times to reveal an entire ecosystem of crab […]

  • Zombie Ant

    The Last of Ants, Zombie Ants

    New research at Penn State has revealed how infection by a parasitic fungus dramatically changes the behavior of tropical carpenter ants, causing them to become zombie-like and to die at a spot that has optimal reproductive conditions for the fungus. BONUS, it’s free: Tiny Mites that Mate and Poop On your Face The exceedingly sophisticated parasite […]

  • Plastic Surgery Superman

    A Year’s Worth of Plastic Surgery to Look Like Superman

    A Year’s Worth of Plastic Surgery to Look Like Superman. One of the greatest renown superhero out there, who doesn’t want to be superman, right? All Clark Kent had to do was take off his glasses and rip off his suit. Meet Herbert Chavez, 35, who lives in the Philippines and has been a fan of […]

  • Origami Elephant featured

    A Life-Size Origami Elephant Folded from a Single Sheet

    At the end of last year, professional origami artist Sipho Mabona launched an ambitious crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to fold a life sized elephant from a single sheet of paper. After successfully reaching his campaign goal, Mabona recently completed the endeavour after a gruelling four weeks. The white elephant stands over 10 ft (3 meters) tall and […]

  • 5 Hyperrealistic Paintings

    Hyperrealistic Still Life Paintings

    In Montreal, Quebec, Canada, artist Jason de Graaf is an expert in hyperrealistic still life paintings using acrylics. de Graaf went to college for illustration and design but fell in love with painting after an illustrator named Sahrif Taraby came into his class to give a painting demonstration. “My paintings are about staging an alternate […]

  • bees testing for bomb

    Honey Bees Trained to Detect Cancer

    Honey bees trained to detect cancer! Thanks to their super sensitive sense of smell, these honey bees can detect odors that humans cannot. This insect can be trained to detect certain cancers in humans and has been proven to work fairly accurately. The picture above is a glass design with two chambers; the small chamber […]

  • Tiny mites on your face

    Tiny Mites that Mate and Poop On your Face

    Scientists may have finally found what sparks the inflamed and reddened skin in people suffering from rosacea: tiny mites that crawl across most of our faces, unseen and unfelt. The new finding may eventually lead to more effective treatments, researchers say. As it turns out, the mites, which spend daytime hours in the glands that […]

  • Shanghai

    Cities and their Stars Without Light Pollution

    So who turned off the stars? There are many advantages to city life, from conveniences like 24-hour delis and reliable public transportation to all of the culture that’s right at our fingertips. But there’s one thing that’s sadly missing from our lives: starry skies. In Thierry Cohen’s thought-provoking series Darkened Cities, which we spotted thanks to Visual […]

  • featured Smartwatch

    This Smartwatch Concept Needs to be a Reality

    Hungarian product designer Gábor Balogh recently published Smartwatch Concept on Behance, where it has quickly become one of the most popular projects on the site. In his brief project description, Balogh states: “Smartwatches do not have to be all the same. Here is my concept proving that tradition and technology can live together.” Design Concept by Gábor Balogh With […]

the living rock

A Living Rock

Is that a rock with guts? This is a sea creature, scientifically called Pyura Chilensis. In order to survive, it sucks in water to feed on microorganisms, the only source and method for food. They reproduce by shooting out a cloud of sperm and eggs into the water to mate with itself. This creature literally looks like a rock, a living rock.



Unsold Cars Go to Die featured

This Is Where the World’s Unsold Cars Go to Die

In the passing years, the automotive industries has cleverly and deliberately hid the lack of demand from customer sales when it came to automotive vehicles. A term that can be used properly to describe what the automotive industries  is doing would be, “channel stuffing“. The automotive industries has been accused, rightfully, of an significantly high increase in inventory at dealer lots but not enough customer sales. Although dealer lots do endure customer sales, it may lead to flat or declining sales, ending in a decrease in demands. Here below is just one image, out of many, of a car cemetery lot full of unsold vehicles:

Unsold Cars Go to Die

Please visit this site for more photos and it’s description: Where the World’s Unsold Cars Go to Die.


Alfa Romeo in Dubai

Luxury Cars Abandoned in Dubai

Rich people have many problems that the poor will never understand, like not knowing where the hell they left their Ferrari or Porsche parked. And if we are looking for rich people, nothing is better than Dubai, the capital of glitz and economic debauchery.

Ferrari in Dubai

Abandoned cars seem to be a norm in Dubai. You would think this was the doing of people with a seemingly unlimited amount of money, but  the truth is quite the opposite. Most of these abandoned cars belong to bankrupt debtors who have fled the country. In the United Arab Emirates, economic delinquencies and credit frauds are pursued in a very strictly manner and often is an offense punished with imprisonment.

Simply by failing to make a monthly payment on a credit card statement can start a whole machinery of prosecution that eventually reaches the debtor without the ability to adjust their debt by reducing or paying it with instalments. However in Dubai, there are only two choices; either you pay on time or you go to jail. And the financial crisis, though it doesn’t seem to impact them, it ends up affecting these eccentric millionaires. Once they are in deep waters and they need to pay off those super cars; the only choice they have is to drive to the nearest airport and catch the earliest flight out.

In some parking lots and airports of Dubai and Abu Dhabi you can find luxury car brands such as Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti, and Ferrari- completely abandoned and deteriorated, some even with the keys inside. The problem began in 2012, which led to over 3,000 super cars, as you’ll see below, completely abandoned. You should see the accumulating parking tickets that these abandoned vehicles had racked up.

F430 in Dubai

Lamborghini in Dubai

Rolls Royce in Dubai

Enzo Ferrari in Dubai

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